Weight Loss For The Prom

Hi, I’m Kelley Brewing and this is my first attempt at writing a blog. I am a stay-at-home mum with two kids who have oodles of energy but whom I adore more than life itself.

I have loads of hobbies and interests and so much information and views packed into my tiny brain that I needed a way to get it out before I explode!

A Rant and Rave

My recent rant and rave has been around the subject of proms and how much a teenager goes through to get that one night absolutely perfect. My daughter has just gone through that very same nightmare…I mean special event, with me trailing behind full of countless hours of stress! This is not to say I wasn’t happy for her and didn’t share her excitement; seeing my eldest dressed in such elegance melted my heart and filled me with such pride.

But the pressure these girls go through to ensure that one night is the most perfect and they look the most perfect is exasperating. In my opinion it sits very close to weddings, which in a way they are leaving school years behind and getting married to the big wide world. Every part of the evening had been properly thought out from the obvious dress, make-up, hair and jewellery to travel arrangements, meals beforehand (can’t eat too much for fear of a tummy but have to eat something substantial so as to minimise the risk of fainting) and photographs.

But of course the biggest stress of all was losing weight ready for that dress. You can forget about how much the outfit should cost and even who is taking you (although that is a close second), the best part of the night will be knowing you look a size zero!

In the Genes

I have struggled with my weight ever since I can remember, and it’s not that I am overweight but in society’s view, I should be twenty to thirty pounds lighter. And that has been the cause of years of yo-yo dieting and my weight going drastically up and down. I have tried milkshakes, diet pills, celebrity diets and successful ones like slimming clubs, hypnosis and diets for women. But one thing I knew from early dieting that is if I ever had any kids, I would not let them go down the road I have gone.

So when my daughter told me that she wanted to lose weight for the prom my heart sank.

The Beauty Before You

I am biased I know but my daughter is beautiful and one thing she does not need to do is lose weight. But how can I tell her that and have her believe me? How could I convince a teenage girl with so much peer/media pressure that she is perfect just the way she is?

I ignored it.

I, instead, made her see all of the best parts of her, and why they were so beautiful. I stood her in-front of the mirror and pointed these out to her and made sure for every negative thing she had to say, I had two more to counteract it. I would tell her these things regularly and comment on how she was looking that day, whether it would be a particular outfit that brought out her slim waist or how her hair was shining or how stunning she looked with those gorgeous long eyelashes. And when her prom night finally arrived, I took loads and loads of photographs so she could see in every angle and light that she was the most perfect young woman ever to attend a prom.

My little girl will never be happy with her body, that is the fate of the human self perception but she is willing to accept herself as she is, and for the time being, leaving the diet world well alone… that is until her wedding!

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